Welcome to Our Website

The idea to dedicate a site to the school first came to my mind in 2001 when a site offered two web addresses at the cost of one. So I booked www.sainikschoolkunjpura.com on payment and another one for free. I kept renewing the school web address year after year. After about 5-6 years there was a small delay on my part and it resulted in some professional group taking it in their name with the sole aim to later sell it at a premium. I kept checking its availability periodically but it was not available. The site with extensions like .org .edu etc were available, and so was sskunjpura.com but I wanted only www.sainikschoolkunjpura.com as it is the most befitting web address for an institute which means so much to me. No compromise therefore. Recently I however found to my utter surprise that the site was available. I at once booked it in my name for the next 5 years. So my dream has finally been realised in 2011, i.e. after 10 years. In between I kept doing my homework on what to put on the site and how to put it. I also collected photos of various Old Boys Meets that I attended in school and at Delhi.I met various retired teachers and took their photos and video recordings and also enquired biographical details about them so as to incorporate them in my book which I am writing. About it I will describe later under some other heading on the site. I collected very old issues of Grey Kunj for the years 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969 from Mr. Gouri, who resides in Savita Vihar, New Delhi. I got all of them scanned and these more than 45 years old issues of our beloved Grey Kunj are on my site for everyone to read. The development and maintaining of the site shall be mainly done by my elder son Anirudh. I have mainly given my inputs in the designing of the site.


Pic Sainik School Kunjpura is one of the first five schools established by the Sainik Schools Society, New Delhi in 1961. At present there are 25 such schools covering all the states of the country. This school was founded by (late) Shri V.K. Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister of India, on 24th July, 1961. The school is situated off the G.T. Road, 8 Kms away from Karnal Town.